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Bio: T33 Filter Cartridge Making Machine Working Principle
1. Manual Feeding:
The workstation can be configured manually or automatically according to customer
2. Spin melting welding A:
The station is controlled by a servo motor and the end cap and the cylinder are welded together to meet the requirements of positioning, sealing and pressure resistance.
3. Flipping/sponge press in:
The station is suitable for double-end cap welding filter element, two functions in one station, can be opened or closed as needed.
4. Filling:
It is used to fill granular materials such as granular carbon, energy stone, negative potential, medical stone, alkaline sphere and fish stone. Without the filter element process can be selected to close this function.
5. End cap position:
This position apply to Quick connection/Card connection filter, it can be selected opened or closed.
6.Spin melting welding B: The same as A
7. Automatic labeling:
It can be selected, opened or closed according to needs.
8. Automatic take out:
Automatic reclaiming function replaces manual reclaiming, which more safety in operation, the finished product will be taken out directly into the assembly line or the material box, then will be inspected and packed in the next step.
Technical Data
* Shape size:1100*1350*2000mm
* Total weight:400KG
* Machine head stoke:100MM
* Maximum machining length:300MM
* Maximum machining diameter:φ110
* Suitable power:AC 220V/380V 50/60HZ
* Suitable gas pressure:0.1-0.7Mpa
* Total capacity:5KW
* Maximum current:30A
* Maximum torque:30N*M
* Maximum rpm:1000rpm
* Main spindle reduction ratio:3:1
* The station number:8/10/12
China CTO Filling And Melting Machine